Having Cyberomance with IoT Firmware

This talk is about how to run and analyze IoT firmware without having the actual hardware. In the 30 min talk, will cover couple possible ways to obtain firmware, how to build a almost complete environment to run the firmware (not qemu-static), debug the firmware with IDA Pro or GDB (live of coz) and finally finding possible ways to exploit it without even touching the actual hardware. This is the prequal for soon to present talk with Dr Quynh (create for Capstone/Unicorn/Keystone engine).


KaiJern ‘xwings’ Lau
KaiJern ‘xwings’ Lau
IoT/Blockchain Researcher
KaiJern, Lau (xwings) is the IoT/Blockchain researcher at JD Security (JD.COM), Advisor for UnicornTeam/HACKNOWN ...